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Help, my Cyberclone is cheating on me!

Martine Rothblatt is a pn, a person. She hates it when people try to label her man on wife. Born a man, father of four children, she became a woman. With a yearly salary of over 38 million dollar a year, she is the highest paid female executive in America.
She has without a doubt one of the most intriguing brains on the planet. She founded Sirius Radio, contracted Howard Stern, is a sharp futurist, philosopher, cyber -ethic, and pharmaceutical tycoon. Rothblatt is all-round: as much engineer as philosopher. A true transgender, not only a man turned woman, but a person pushing the frontiers on longevity, on death, on health, on biology, on digital. On the future.
Saving lives
Her pharmaceutical company is creating drugs for people with severe pulmonary and cardiologic deficiencies , her artificial cradles allow transplantation organs to survive long enough to make it safely from the donor, to the patient…. saving countless lives.
Re-grow yourself in a pig
She is slowly, but very steadily optimizing a technology that allows to grow donor organs in pigs. These organs can then be transplanted in human bodies. She’s talking with Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and Catholic authorities to pave the ethical acceptance of this.

“We will succeed, and this will provide us with and endless supply of spare body parts. Everyone can have his own body-part-bank. There is no longer a line in the sand to put a limit to the survival of the human consciousness.”

Love and Cyberclones
Dr Rothblatt does not take for an answer. She is experimenting with Cyber-clones, copies and recreations of ones mind into a digital carrier. No need any more to lose loved ones, their cyber-clone can stay around. Bina48 is a cyber-clone Rothblatt made, and named after her wife. The cyber-brain demonstrates disturbing real human thought and reasoning. Is it sentient?
Rothblatt is convinced it is. Talking to your cyber-clone beats talking to yourself any time. But you and your clone have the right to disagree.
Divorce and psychiatry
One day, your cyber-self and you may be so far diverged that one of you might divorce the other one, and go his/her own way. And psychiatrists will have as much work on real humans, as on their cyber counterparts.
You already have a digital double
“The idea that we would have one mind and multiple substantiations will become more and more normal. Think of it: you have your mind in your body. But for a person connecting to you on Facebook, your Facebook persona is as real as the real you.”
Your body is a shell
Dr. Rothblastt also leads Terasem, a faith, a trans-religion that defines the body as one of the shells for the mind, developping digital clones allows for eternal life, or is that ‘live after death’.
If you think she is a senseless fantast: the market capitalisation of her company is estimsated at $4.6 billion dollar :-).


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