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How my field hockey team used Tinder to find a coach…

We all know how Tinder works and we all know what it is for: dates, a connection with someone of just simply a booty call. But what happens if you need something else, something different, how can you use Tinder for other purposes?


– Deepak Chopra

My field hockey team needed a new coach and the start of a new season was looming. A slight panic started setting in about a month ago and we brainstormed to find a solution. After a few jokes about how people find bad dates on Tinder we realised what we needed to do! To announce our predicament widely across Brussels, we made a Tinder profile for our team mentioning specifically we were looking for a coach.


Coach wanted! My great hockey team is looking for a motivated coach (EN/FR/NL) to accompany its first season in the 2nd Regional Division. Are you ready for a challenge?

A week later, our new (at that moment potential) coach turned up and our team as been in a winning relationship with him ever since.

In the last year, Tinder has been used for many marketing purposes. Like that time an animal charity matched people with pets they could adopt. Or how do you remember Ava? The possibilities are endless and (at the moment) free. All you need is a little bit of creativity 😉


Want to discuss how your business can be the perfect match with us? Unfortunately we don’t have a MBP Tinder profile (yet), but you can always send us an e-mail via 😉

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