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It’s Curiosity, stupid.

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans or planes in the case of Prepare for grass landing strips alongside the motorways’ petrol stations across Europe. These entrepreneurs are aiming to launch the flying car by 2017 and they bloody mean it. Just have a look at their board members in case you are sceptical. This may sound farfetched until you hear their brand story. Their Brand Purpose is so powerful that the product itself -the flying car- becomes of secondary interest. These are Slovakian guys who lived their youth behind barbed wire, fencing them off from Austria across the Danube: The inaccessible free Europe. They had a dream and lived it to the fullest. The reason why they will succeed is their passion which is and always has been the essence of success.

Here at SXSW successful entrepreneurs are the rock stars, the Olympic athletes (Johnny Weismüller type) every one admires. They all have that passion overdose in common. Like Tarzan they swing from one challenge to the next through the jungle of business life.

In “Merica”, passion goes together with endless curiosity and shitloads of cursing: “Hell yeah f*ck no and Hell no f*ck yeahs”. So Let’s talk about curiosity for a minute: an average kid asks 100 questions a day, an expert told us, whereas adults shoot 4 questions a day in average. My point being:  there are no excuses not to be passionate. Saying that you don’t have time or that your life balance is too important is plain horseshit: Make choices and live with the consequences. Even Jack Welch tells us this.

So start googling and meet people with passions:  Have a look at the Maker movement – the DIY for tech events rolling over America as we speak.  Have a look at the Netflix for fashion: Rent-A-Runway. Check out Read the amazing story of Dr Martine Rothblatt who saved her daughter and became America’s best paid CEO. Dig into the exciting world of vertical farming in urban areas.  Buy share of –the next Apple in the wellness category, reinventing lab test, and blood samples.  Lookup JINS glasses from japan or the Disney magic band used in Orlando that people are collecting like mad. Buy your love a connected ring from Ringly. All these passionate projects are led by passionate people who live your life as every day is their last – and they are, Hell Yeah F*cking YEAH -right.

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