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So, we’ll be in Texas

You may all go to hell, but I’ll go to Texas” were Davy Crocketts famous last words before the battle of Alamo. And just like this famous cowboy scout,  we’re  about to confront heat, thirst, endless steaks, burning sun, lousy beer and rattlesnakes.

Texas,  the god forgotten city of Austin. For the next week, the most famous, crazy, successful social media and digital people this side of the universe are holding the biggest social media gathering in the world. It’s called South by South West, or SxSW.  The city will be buzzing with gurus, padawans, ninjas and experts. Social Media job titles are beyond crazy 🙂.

We will be your eyes and ears, gathering as much information we can get during long days, and endless nights. SxSW is where Twitter was born, and Foursquare, and Pinterest, and….  admit, no better moment or place to start our Mediabrands Publishing blog.

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