Managing Director
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My client crush: I love challenges, and I have a weak spot for strong, smart clients with a clear vision and the maturity to collaborate. Elon Musk, give me a call anytime :).
My super skill: I can recognize the pattern fast and hard, and project my thinking out of the box, and ahead of the curve. Actually, there never was a box. I love to condense fact from the vapor of nuance.
My pet peeve: I hate spiders, line dancing, red lights, tomatoes, creepy time travelers and unfriendly aliens with a vengeance.
My passion project: I’m addicted to reading, fast cars, sturdy off roaders, elegant old-timers, and kayaking. I am preserving my witty wisdom for eternity on my social channels. And poetry. Did I mention poetry?



Head of Strategy
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My client crush: all open-minded clients who want to provoke relevant change.
My super skill: Connect a specific problem to the right broad strategic context.
My pet peeve: people coming late since we all know “good meetings start on time”.
My passion project: complicated photography with a succulent story




Digital Strategy Director
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My client crush: Any client who integrates his strategies.
My super skill: I can invent acronyms and models all day.
My pet peeve: The expressions “run the extra mile” and “Best in class”.
My passion project: Teaching in several communications schools in Brussels and Genève.



Business Director & Content Strategist
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My client crush: Brands which have a story and want to share it! Brands who are alive and willing to have an interesting conversation with their audience.
My super skill: Make people fall in love with your brand – understand what people will love and what make them feel good and feel vibes. My speciality: building models.
My pet peeve: Women with a bad manicure, people who go out in a jogging outfit, spiders, too skinny people, weakness, laziness, and above of all, the sentence “I can’t do this”.
My passion project: Animation of a feminine radioprogram “Queen of spades”, editor of a lifestyle blog “LadyBaaz”. When I’ll get retired, I’ll buy the villa of Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech, the Jardin Majorelle, and I’ll write books in the patio. Maybe there will be some unicorns, too.





Sr. Consultant Content & Strategy

My client crush: Brands who have a story to tell, searching for that deeper meaning, helping clients to realize their dreams.
My super skill: A structured, well-organized, analytic, loving and caring mind.
My pet peeve: Spiders (well, bug’s in general), hollow conversations and passive behavior, lollygagging. Oh, and please, leggings are not pants!
My passion project: Somewhere near the Mediterranean sun, living my happy life together with my hubby and little dog, figuring out how to run a Bed & Breakfast whilst enjoying lovely Italian food – Traveling does the heart good!



Content and Community Manager 
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My client crush: As a community manager I admire brands such as Innocent (smoothies) where their online communication is simple yet witty and up to date with current viral stories
My super skill: I take care of creative content ideas, intriguing copywriting and making sure everyone at the office has a smile on their face all day long!
My pet peeve: I really don’t like it when people have prejudiced ideas about food before having tried something.
My passion project: I have a food blog, Alicia’s Kitchen Antics, where I mainly share recipes and some reviews. But what I love most of all is creating and shooting the photos that go with it.



Content & Community Manager
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My client crush: Managing a new client’s online community is always an exciting challenge: other target, other strategy, other needs. If I could choose though, I would love to work for a high fashion brand like Chanel.
My super skill: Engage an online community, build and maintain a strong relationship. I also am enthusiastic about keeping calendars and plannings up-to-date (I know, I’m a weirdo).
My pet peeve: Wasps, the void, garlic, horror movies and ironing 🙂
My passion project: I spend most of my free time playing field hockey. I also love taking photographs (not only those on my Instagram account ;)) and I like watching art house films and documentaries. Maybe one day I will make my own!



Creative Consultant
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My client crush: Clients who inspire youth, clients who want to make a difference, clients who want to make change and go with the flow. I have a weakness for brands that dare to be a bit more extreme and go for the extraordinary.
My super skill: Creating dynamic video content that draws the attention of the elusive millennial target.
My pet peeve: I don’t like Monday mornings, but you know, it is the perfect day to correct last week’s mistakes! 🙂
My passion project: My Youtube channel: Achterklap, where I vlog, do public pranks, crazy challenges and all the fun stuff that you can do in life. I enjoy life, and I share it with the world.



Art Director
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My client crush: My dream client is NIKE.
My super skill: I make beautiful design stuff as fast as Flash Gordon.
My pet peeve: Noisy eaters.
My passion project: Judg, a mobile app aiming to “gamify your social life”. The app creates a world where sharing becomes fun and rewarding simultaneously.



Social Ads Executive
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My client crush: I love the creative sports content shared by brands like Nike.
My super skill: The ability to identify the exact right target for a product.
My passion project: I love keeping up to date on the digital landscape. Next to that, I’m very interested in hip hop culture and street art.



Graphic Designer

My client crush: Any client working on an exciting graphical project.
My super skill: Computer graphics
My pet peeve: People talking bad about Star Wars… Seriously… Don’t do it… Please?




Platform Expert, Strategy & Planning Services

My client crush: A client willing to innovate, standing out and not afraid to act differently. In other words, avant-gardist.
My super skill: Highlighting new digital ad formats, showing their innovative and creative uses to inspire clients.
My pet peeve: Inactivity – people complaining about their life and not acting to change it!
My passion project: Exploring the world. Next stop: Latin America.



Esther profile

Social Ads

My client crush: Those who want to really understand their consumers needs, and are able to adapt.
My super skill: Fast learner.
My pet peeve: People who spoil the food for fun.
My passion project: To live life to the fullest.





sarah profile

Social Ads Operations Manager

My client crush: Upcoming ones.
My super skill: Shortness.
My pet peeve: Sunday night.
My passion project: Staying alive, ha ha ha, …




HR Director

My client crush: All of my clients, and I crush them with love 🙂
My super skill: Keeping calm no matter what.
My pet peeve: In the end, it’ll be alright.
My passion project: Going the extra mile to let others grow while raising two chill boys with my bestie.




Social Ads Manager

My client crush: Clients who are active in areas related to my visions and passions.
My super skill: Super Digital Geek with a lot of goals and passions.
My pet peeve: I have a fear of failure.
My passion project: Every day is an opportunity to become a better version of myself…




Strategy Director

My client crush: A client able to make a sharp and rational decision.
My super skill: Freely express what I think.
My pet peeve: Babblers.
My passion project: Share my taste for words and images.

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