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The world doesn’t need one more rubber bracelet

The ugly Sony smart Glasses is a recent example that a lot of wearables are … unwearable. They are not always practical, rarely aesthetic and tend to make us look like robots. The wearables that will break through, instead of turning us into cyborgs, will help us to become more of ourselves.

There might be a wearables bubble but some of those connected objects really might make our lives easier.

The young author, Liza Kindred listed four positive examples of how wearables can make sense

  • Motorola Tattoo: a very discrete NFC tattoo-like tag that unlock your mobile phone with a single tap
  • Lumo, elected by Times as one of the best inventions of 2014. A small object that can even be hidden that allow the monitoring of activity and posture correction. A “posture alert” can be activated any time and vibrates when Lumo tracks a harmful posture
  • Ringly, a notification centric smart connected ring, combined with a mobile app
  • Enchroma: Color blindness selection (an invention resulting of serendipity, by the way)

Our physical bodies become our digital identities. Wearables are, so far the most intimate connected objects and this is a good reason to select them wisely.


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